Jap NTSC WII With Ver. 3.0J Firmware & WIIKey

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    Aug 30, 2007
    Alright folks im new to the forum & new to chipped Wii's so please go easy on me [​IMG]

    As the title suggests iv got a Japanese Wii with 3.0J firmware & chipped with WiiKey. I got alot of Jap Silvers with it like Super Paper Mario ect & they all work fine but iv now downloaded Metroid Prime 3 USA Version & im looking to burn & play it on my Jap Wii.

    Iv scoured the internet but iv found little or no info from people who have tried & tested it on there Jap NTSC Wii with Ver 3.0J it's always the Pal or USA models people are working with so im now asking anybody in the know on here that has a Jap Wii with 3.0J + Wiikey & has got MP3 running on there machine without any hitches to 100% comfirm what method to use when burning it as not to brick my Wii.

    Any help would be very much appreicated [​IMG]