Jammed disc drive.. Can someone help?

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    Awhile back I took apart my Xbox 360 to fix a problem with my disc drive opening by itself at random. When I got to the drive, I dusted it off and unscrewed all of the screws in it as to open it up and look inside. However, it wouldn't open after unscrewing everything in the drive. So, I just blew in it and screwed the screws back in. I made sure to be very careful with it as I was handling it.

    Anyway, when everything was put together again, the disc tray wouldn't close back up.. So I regretfully "forced" it in a little bit so that the open signal/blinking would cease...and it did.

    I fixed one problem and created this one. Would anyone know how I can safely deal with this without spending 100 bucks or more just to get the disc drive fixed?
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    Other then taking a close look at the mechanism, replacing the entire drive is the only real option.
    You can swap the PCB with ease tho (saves you on flashing it again)
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    When the drive opens/closes repeatedly, the band is worn out.

    The drive tray can still be removed by turning a pulley with the band on it (you may need to pull on the tray with some force). I would take cover off the drive to actually inspect the tray and rail.