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    May 28, 2015
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    Hey guys,
    I have recently looked into some of the old things that existed for the Wii, and one of which was a method to launch the shop. Someone tried to make a launcher that'd jump to the shop, then load the "Jam With The Band! Live" channel for the Wii. I never got this working, however I edited the template code from devkitPro to do as such. Thus, this thread is born.

    This channel allows you to play as a band with up to 8 DSes, 1 of which MUST have the game (It's ~£3 on eBay.co.uk, so I dont think it'll be an issue).

    If you are using a Japanese Wii with a Japanese Wii Shop, download this .:. https://download.pokeacer.tk/Wii/WiiShop/JWTBLive/NTSC-J.dol
    If you are in the EU with a European Wii Shop, download this .:. https://download.pokeacer.tk/Wii/WiiShop/JWTBLive/PAL.dol

    Load the DOL using wiiload or simply inserting it in SD:/apps/ - you will need a working Wii Shop and Internet connection. I have tested this, and it doesn't work with (says software not available):

    • Wii Speak Channel (the ticket can be freely obtained using NUSD anyways)
    • Metroid Prime Demo
    • Mii Contest Channel
    • Everybody Votes Channel.
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    Jun 27, 2007
    This is great! Was looking for the live channel, turns out the download link doesn't work anymore :(. Can someone re-upload this? Just stumbled onto this great game and wanted to play it though my Wii. Thanks!