Ixtreme LT Questions

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    Hi All,

    I have an xbox 360 that has never gone online and has a liteon drive and was thinking of putting ixtreme LT on it.
    Can someone please confirm that it is safe to go online with it?
    Also i read that i must use ss2 or something like that using agbx360 is this correct?

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    LT is the only remotely live safe firmware available right now. As far as we know the only risk here is from playing bad copies.

    SSv2 is optional but highly suggested.

    splitvid is not optional- you need it on the disc.

    Yes ABGX360 is the app of choice.

    For splitvid click on the misc tab and under the splitvid pulldown box check "Add it if it doesn't exist or is not valid"

    SSv2 is an odd one. You should be able to get away with the "trust SSv2" enabled but for extra safety leave it disabled. It will not try and fix it without a valid SSv2 file and if you have one to check against then it is all good.

    As usual note that ABGX360 does not necessarily get updated with ABGX so you may have to wait a day or two for the relevant data to be generated and get added to the database (which is OK as the scene is usually faster than retail anyway).