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Oct 23, 2007
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here in Korea, 90% of all the shops sell copied games >_< so they are cheap... like in lots of places, you can get 3 dvds for like 10$
but back to the topic, my friends says that the more you upgrade your PSP, the guard thing gets updated, so many copy games won't work

They say if you upgrade over v3.0 copy games won't work....

One of them upgraded for real, and then he says he can't run his DJ max copied which worked fine before upgrading...

So i just thought, is there a way to like un-upgrade your psp, and also is this really true??
Hmmm. Let's clarify.

There are TWO versions of almost every firmwares. The original firmware (which doesn't let you to run backup games) and the custom firmware, that lets you load backups. So there's a 3.03 original, which doesn't let you load games, and there's a 3.03OE, which lets you load games. So it depends on what you install.

If you upgrade your PSP with an original firmware, you cannot load backup games anymore.
If you upgrade your PSP with a custom firmware, you can still load your games without problems.

Yes, there is a way to down-grade your PSP, and is called "Pandora's Battery". You can find further informations almost everywhere on it. If you want, I'll explain it myself later.

I'm on 3.90M33, myself...

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