I've heard some bad things about this place

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    Dec 23, 2006
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    Before I begin, I would like to mention Im pretty sure that 1. this thread is in the right place, and 2. this thread isn't against the rules...

    But if im wrong about either or both, please don't hurt me.

    Anyway, I've been poking around different websites looking for the best price on the G6 Real, and the lowest price I found was off of Gameyeaah. But I remember seeing a couple of posts talking about it being a bad place to buy this sort of thing from. So before I do just that, I thought it would be a good idea to ask anyone who doesnt mind telling me their opinion of the retailer, to tell me their opinion. Should I buy it from there, or spend 5 or 6 more bucks elsewhere?
  2. dbgtdob

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    Feb 14, 2007
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    they will ship it to you fast, but if its defective it might take a while for returns, some people they would not issue a refund or replacement untill the package was tested by the manufacterer, depending on the their policy on that item, but if the item is not defective you will be satisfied, many people who returned defective items were mad, since it takes a while for returns, even if they receive your return package they wont open it for days, people have paid for return shipping and called after the post office marked their package as delivered, and they would be told it was not on the computer, and had to wait a week for more after a return for it to be even logged as returned.
    so my opionin is, if your order is ok, then you will be happy, if your item is defective you might be in for a hassle, although i have heard some people say it got a little better.
  3. skarthebloodchild

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    Jan 13, 2004
    fast shipping and nice prices...
    i dont know about refunds - returns....
    my r4 is still working
  4. shinji257

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    Apr 9, 2007
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    Same here. I ordered both my R4DS and my M3 Perfect Lite from the US end of that store. Quick shipping with no hassles. I haven't had to test out their return policy though as both of my items were working upon arrival. I ordered my microsd cards elsewhere though.
  5. Xeijin

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    Mar 25, 2007
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    Well GBATemp have received review carts off them, so I would assume they are trustworthy.
  6. JPH

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    Jul 11, 2006
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    I'd recommend Gameyeeeah to you. You shouldn't have any problems...