I’ve got a few questions regarding CFW and Nintendont

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    Hello There.

    I have a few questions about CFW and Nintendont
    1. How do i use Mocha CFW? (temporary CFW i dont want to brick my Wii U)
    2. Does Mocha CFW work on 5.5.3 (i’m too scared to try without any confirmation)
    3. How do i use Nintendont on the Wii U gamepad (screen and controls)
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    Jan 1, 2017
    1) Follow this guide https://gbatemp.net/threads/guide-community-noob-guide-to-wii-u-hacking.451297/
    2) Yes
    3) You would need to inject a GC game into Wii VC, see this program https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-wiivc-injector-script-gc-wii-homebrew-support.483577/

    None wants to brick their system, the only real risk of bricking the Wii U with hacks are 1) Messing with systemfiles with Ftpiiu_Everywhere (To avoid this, don't do it :) ) 2) Not follow directions when installing CBHC, you need to buy a DS VC title for CHBC, as installing CBHC over a pirated DS VC title would result in a bricked system. (Again simply don't be a cheap idiot and attempt to install CBHC on a pirated DS VC title saving you the entire 10 bucks or so and you will never brick with hacks.)

    My personal recomendation would be to simply use Haxchi (not CBHC) That is a persistant hack, you simply press the Haxchi icon each time you turn on the system, and voila you're in CFW. Just using mocha through the browser hack is a bit more tedious as the webexploit might fail you need to pull the power cord out of the wii u and try again. The only real benefit for the end user of mocha is that it is free. Haxchi is easier for you, but costs 10 bucks or something.

    Neither haxchi or Mocha will brick you. Bricks don't magically happen, you need to mess something up, which you won't if your're following the stickied Guides on GBAtemp