It's possible ?

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    I looked in many forums and not found, but it never hurts to ask ...

    It is possible to play Gamecube backups through USB by setting up the ISO "MultiGame ISO Creator?
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    possibly quasi silly question atm if you catch my drift
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    no you did not look
    playing GC from USB is possibly the most asked question about Wii moding
    and the answer is no
    at least until the release of "dios mios"

    and it does hurt the forums by clogging them up
    well maybe the feelings of the idiots who did not even find the search button too
    but I dont care about that (obvious isnt it [​IMG] )

    what the Multigame creator has to do with this I cant even think of
    it combines multipe isos into one, thats all
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    Yes, it is possible to run GameCube Backups from USB by using the WODE Jukebox.

    The WODE Jukebox is a modchip which emulates the Disc Drive which is the reason why it is called WODE (Wii Optical Drive Emulator), by this mean you can connect an external hard drive and play Wii and Gamecube Backups. You can also use Flat Mode to load Backups from Disc Drive. Read more at the GBATemp Official WODE Review

    Even though, the WODE is quite expensive.

    But, if you were meaning to run Gamecube Backups by USB through softmod, currently there is no way, but as this moment they are working on it.
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    He just owned everybody else in the thread
    On Topic:The WODE is a pretty nifty device and works well but if you really want to load Gamecube games from USB its a safe bet.Not to mention that the GUI is really nice and the team behind it is really good.
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    No but I think you can play them off of SD/SDHC cards ----->

    Post 41 in that thread: