It's official: Sonic Generations coming to the 3DS

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    After much speculation and a continuing flood of rumors, it's been made official: Sonic Generations, Sega's latest Sonic game, is coming to the 3DS.

    Some new details have also emerged. First off, the 3DS version won't be a port of the console versions, but rather built from the ground up for the 3DS.

    It'll also include "Special Stages" for some eye-popping 3D-specific gameplay, StreetPass functionality to gain new content and bonus materials, and a two-player versus mode.

    Sonic's latest adventure, which includes his newer, modern self and his classic, older self teaming up for a hybrid of modern and classic gameplay, is gaining some high expectations from Sonic fans, especially considering Sonic's successful previous outing, Sonic Colors.

    The 3DS version will launch in the same time frame as its HD brothers. No word is out on the release date or any other speculated consoles.

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  2. prowler

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    Jul 14, 2009
    At least it's not a port.
  3. coczero

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    May 14, 2011
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    i hate sonic :S
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    Good for you, don't post in here then.
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    Wow, I'm surprised.
    I thought for sure that Sega was going to cancel the Wii and 3DS releases after Nintendo messed up and leaked information about Sonic Gens being released on their systems.

    I think I'll buy Sonic Gens for both the Xbox 360 and 3DS. That side-scrolling robot smashing ring collecting action is just what I need during a break at work. Something that I can pick up and play but not get caught up in it that it takes three to four hours to feel like I have accomplished something.
  6. Ziggy Zigzagoon

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    Aug 6, 2010
    I hope that "Classic Sonic" would serve to be more than just fan-service. Even so, I would probably play with "Ideal Sonic" out of defiance.
  7. machomuu

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    Thanks for sharing that.

    Anyway, I hope this shows off the 3DS' graphical capabilities so those mainstream gamers will finally get their heads out of their butts and pay attention.
  8. Bladexdsl

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    Nov 17, 2008
    yeah but what about the pc? fuck you sega!
  9. ShawnTRods

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    Mar 26, 2011
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    HAHA! Same thing came in my mind [​IMG].
    I guess, why not! Eye popping 3D! YAY
  10. Hop2089

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    This will sell, but I don't want to import this so I'll get the PS3 version instead.
  11. Blaze163

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    Sweet [​IMG] I needed another game to look forward to on my 3DS. At one point I had six games. Thanks to having to sell stuff to pay my bills, I now only have one. I'm hoping my financial situation is less dire when the system really starts to get going. Still, got a fair bit to look forward to now. Let's see.

    - Got Zelda covering the adventure genre. Possibly backed up by Metal Gear.

    - DOA Dimensions, my one remaining game, keeps the fighting genre under control.

    - Starfox 64 and Ace Combat 3D will keep my need for flying games sated.

    - Kid Icarus covers the...whatever genre it belongs in.

    - Sonic is now covering the platforming. With some style if this ends up being anything like the trailers I've seen.

    - Mario Kart and Chocobo Racing (where is, incidentally?) cover racing.

    - FIFA will be my sporting game.

    - Resident Evil will be sufficient as my shooter of choice.

    All I need now is a solid RPG and a strategy game.

    Anyone else hoping for an announcement like a new Advance Wars/Fire Emblem for the 3DS at E3? That'd be pretty damn good. I'd like to see the older sprite-based styles of the GBA installments make a comeback, but using the greater processing power of the 3DS to give them amazing detail and then have the battles play out in 3D. Win.
  12. machomuu

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    Sep 4, 2009
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    Just a quick fix.
  13. KingVamp

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    Sep 13, 2009
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    A advance wars made just for the 3DS, would be pretty nice...


    Cool, I will be buying .
  14. Windaga

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    Reaaallly not a big fan of Sonic, but it's good to see that they'll be pleasing fans that own a 3DS. I'd kill to see a SA2B port on any console, though. If I do get any version of Generations, it'd probably be this one.

    Hell yeah! I love Fire Emblem and Advance Wars - I'd love to see the series on the 3DS. And I agree - I think 2D over world sprites and 3D battles would be awesome - though I'd be fine with super detailed, 2D sprites with 3D motions and effects (kind of like Shadow Dragon, but with more detail.) A critical hit in 3D? I'd die. Especially if they used some kind of "bounce off the screen" effect for the Assassin or something.
  15. TehSkull

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    Nov 29, 2009
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    The word is the 3DS version doesn't even have the same name in Japanese as the Console versions. I forget where I read that. It was either here on the temp or on Sonic Retro. One sec lemme find that.
  16. imgod22222

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    After playing sonic Colors, I'm totally looking forward to this... If the streetpass functionality is akin to Chaos from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, then this game is likely to consume my life all over again.