it's been 10 years since i have been here.

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    i miss the days of the WII and NDS hacking i came here because of that. i use disk instead of USB cause USB seemed like a pain. and my first NDS flash cart was CycloDS Evolution Card i think 2 or 3 years later i upgraded to supercard two. those were the time of my life. but enough about that.... now for some randoms stupid facts

    i got 1 warning point and 7 warning's on my account i'm such a troll.
    i follow some people and have some followers but i'm not here has much.
    Playstation systems has turned me into a pervert in the mind not in real life mind you. (since 2010)
    i miss online for Wii and NDS... may those services Rest In Piece
    i was in the 3NDS hacking screen for a bit here and there i may jump in it again once any Firmware can be hacked (but i doubt it)

    enough about this i just felt like Bragging.

    (to the site mods if this a blog topic you can move it and stuff it's all up to you)
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