iTouchDS Skins/Themes - A Few Questions

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    Saw a request posted at for an iTouchDS theme so I thought I'd look into it (it should be noted I don't actually have the card nor do I have access to one.) It took some digging as the folks at iTouchDS seem to be out-of-office (since October, no less) and don't offer files up on their own website. Poking around further I followed the link to where they have firmware as well as a few user-made skins (of which I downloaded the latest firmware update, which contains the default theme, as well as a few of the user-made themes.)

    Looking at the firmware update it seems all the image files are dumped into the main system folder, no individual folder setup is shown. Can the iTouchDS only accept one at a time or is there a tip someone has for how the card can have more than one to select from?

    Can anyone share or share a link to any sort of template (especially one that shows alignments/placements?) As it stands, there look to be more files (60+?!) needed than a DSTT theme (which is about 40 or so) so I don't even know if I'm going to tackle this request or not but I figure if I at least have a little more info I can make a better decision. I did find a "template" at simplepluseasy but it wasn't much of a template at all and it was also seemed incomplete.

    Thanks for any assistance any can share.
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