Issues with WD My Passport Essentials 320gb

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by tripellex, May 13, 2009.

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    Hey guys,

    Just bought a 320 gig WD My Passport Essentials USB drive, model number WD3200MEB and I'm having a few issues. I went with this drive after reading a number of positive reviews in the various USB/HDD compatibility threads and the wiki, as a replacement for my 250gig WD My Book Home (IDE drive in USB enclosure). The My Book has worked flawlessly, but I decided to replace it since the drive's bulky and requires external power. I have all my games in CISO format on a 1TB drive on my PC, and I've tested them out on both USB drives using loaders based off 1.1, 1.4 and 1.5, using two different WBFS GUIs with CISO support. The My Passport works for the most part, yet a number of games freeze outright or sit endlessly while either loading the intros or into the main menu, yet the same game loaded from the same CISO works fine on the My Book. For example, Bully seemingly freezes at the main menu while the music continues to play. Animal Crossing sits at the initial Loading Bus animation. Other games hang with a black screen before the safety warning screen even appears, yet other games run fine.

    One thing I've noticed while formatting the drive, using Intelligent GUI v6 and other CISO-based GUIs is a "Warning: This is not a portable drive!" message, even though the drive at this point is in RAW format and set to MBR before I format. Whenever I transfer games using the GUIs, at the end of each game's transfer, "error" briefly pops up on the progress bar, yet the games show up fine in the GUI and the USB Loaders.

    The drive is a 2.5" SATA inside the enclosure, yet the USB controller is hard-mounted to the drive itself and is nonremovable, so I can't use HDPARM or SDPARM on it. The USB cord is a single input cordand only plugs into one USB port, so I don't believe power is an issue, as I've tried a dual power cord with the same results.

    Anyone had similar issues or problems with this drive, or has any ideas how I can get all games working on it? BTW, its the blue version (seen HERE).
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    So your hardware revision is B8B?

    I have a 500GB B7B and aside from the spindown issue, it's been very reliable. I don't transfer games from the Wii, but I've done a whole bunch from regular ISOs and they've never failed me.
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    WD drives are known for having spindown issues. some do and some don't. you have the 1st.