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Discussion in 'Site Discussions & Suggestions' started by FAST6191, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. FAST6191

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Visiting today I clicked on view new posts as usual and was greeted with the results except some pages only had one result on and following had varying amounts up to full results. Screenshot (notice I am only on 3 of 10):

    I can replicate the results across multiple sessions as well and have not messed around with anything in my profile.
  2. shaunj66

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    Oct 24, 2002
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    Thanks for letting us know. But we're already aware of the problem and will look into it. [​IMG]
  3. Costello

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    Oct 24, 2002
    there was a major server bug yesterday (the date was changed to 2006 or something)
    as we haven't edited or done anything in particular since yesterday, I'd tend to think that the two problems are related...
    now franckly I have no idea about what really caused your problem and how to fix it ... just hope that this doesn't happen again [​IMG]
  4. Hitto

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    Nov 29, 2005
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    I don't feel like opening a new thread for this, but could it be possible to have a "you posted in this thread" icon in the view new posts page, as well? I mean, it's there, when you browse "normally", but I only use "view new posts".
  5. Shinji

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    Nov 6, 2002
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    Is this also why whenever I went to view new posts yesterday and it gave me the flood control message?

    Also, for a short while, I tried posting in a thread and it gave me a 15-second flood post message...