Issues with AK2i on my DS Phat: Can't access menu.

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by Hissori, May 20, 2009.

  1. Hissori

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    May 20, 2009
    Okay, so here is what I've tried so far. Please take time and read this post.

    1) Gone on website and downloaded 4.17 firmware. Placed __ak2 folder and the akmenu4.ds file into the root of the microsd card (4gb). Placed into my DS, gone selected microSD on the first menu, and there is nothing afterwards. Does not display folders (cheats, ui, etc). It's not a blank screen so to speak, i can still press the start button, but it does not recognize any folders/files, let alone any games.

    2) This time, I tried pasting all 3 files in that firmware (ak folder, akmenu4.ds, and the release notes) because I randomly youtubed some vids and some guy just pasted all 3. So I tried doing that, and after choosing microSD on my DS, it recognized the release notes. Now this is odd. The microSD menu seems to recognize files on the root folder, not in my __ak2 folder.

    3) With the knowledge of the previous step, I tried pasting the CONTENTS of the __ak2 folder into the root folder, along with the akmenu4.ds file. This means in my root, I now have cheats, ui, etc folders and the akmenu4.ds file. I loaded it up on my DS and after going choosing microSD, I could see all the folders! However, pressing the start button would freeze the DS and I had to restart. This was definetly not the way to set up the AK card.

    4) I tried installing previous firmware on Tried the 4.07a firmware. This time, it says system error, files missing, or something like that. Definetly did not work.

    5) Tried doing the GBAtemp way. Downloading panasonic microsd formatter, installed AKAIO firmware (dragged __aio and akmenu4.nds), and still nothing. No files inside, same issue as steps 1 and 2.

    6) I have 2 AK2i cards. Both cards had the exact same issue in my NDS Phat

    7) I tried on a second NDS Phat (my brother has one). Same issue on his.

    Points of interest:

    -My NDS Phat was flashed and used a really old m3 adapter in the gba slot. Sticks out about an inch. My friend did this for me, I believe he used flashme? or something. He opened up the DS to flash it.

    -My brother's DS is NOT flashed or has not been hacked in any way.

    -Both AK2i cards did not come with their respective microSD usb adapters. it came with this one. I don't think its a big deal but its a point of interest

    -Only one AK2i card came in its plastic case (not a box). That one has this weird square sticking out in the middle of the acekard, kinda around the big "2" in the middle of the card, which makes it hard to pull out of the DS. The one that I bought just by itself (ie, the card was given to me) does not have this square sticking out.

    Any solutions? I've looked around and nobody seems to have this issue...
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    the system folder is hidden by default as you do not need to access any part of it manually. the firmware has access to everything in those folders. such as the user interface, cheats, etc. do not put your roms in the system folder put them in a folder in root. also all system folder sub directories must remain in that system folder. removing them will cause the firmware to fail. on the ak2i things that fail can cause problems.

    you should use akaio and read the akaio wiki.

    -another world
  3. Hissori

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    May 20, 2009
    Ah that makes sense. Thanks! I'm used to the M3 interface (at least the really old one I used) and it has all this random junk listed. Thanks again.
  4. zero383

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    Apr 4, 2009
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    Yea, the _ak2 folder is hidden. There is no reason for you to browse inside there. If for some reason you want to, open up globalsettings.ini and edit this line:

    hiddenFileNames = __aio,__ak2,__rpg,akmenu4.nds,_system_,moonshl,svsip,nes

    (add or remove file names or folders you want to hide/unhide)

    ps. use AKAIO firmware
  5. kobykaan

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    Aug 27, 2007
    to quote the thread title ..

    Issues with AK2i on my DS Phat: Can't access menu.

    [​IMG] Why did you buy the Acekard 2i when you have a PHAT DS !? [​IMG]

    and not a normal Acekard 2.1?
  6. Tokiopop

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    Apr 14, 2009
    Because maybe he will get a DSi soon, or in a few months. Sure, you're spending a pound or so more on a 2i, but that's cheaper than buying both a 2.1 and a 2i.

    He wanted to get a 2i, so he got a 2i for whatever reasons they maybe, and so did I. If you cannot see that it's smarter to get just a 2i rather than both, you need yur brain examaning.
  7. Findecanno

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    Apr 14, 2009
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    exactly why I got as ak2i for my phat at first before I got a dsi.
    Get akaio its much better