Issues running Fire Emblem 12 on N3DS through the DS Forwarder


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Dec 21, 2021
United States
Hello, I'm having some issues running a patched DS ROM through NDS Forwarder. I'm trying to run an English patched version of FE12, clean rom, DSi Enhanced version, patched through the official site's resources. The first thing that seems off is that the game icon is a blurry random mess of multicolored pixels, and when I open it, initially it seems ok, then it gives this error message:

"The DSi binaries are missing. Please obtain a clean ROM to replace the current one.
Press A to proceed to run in DS mode."

Upon pressing A, screen goes white and the NDS-Bootstrap logo appears up top, then goes black, flashes white one more time then cuts to black again. That's where it ends up. No audio, no video. I can still exit to the home menu.

Is it freaking out because of the patch? Is there any way to get it to work with the patch?

Tested on DeSmuME, both the original and patched work just fine.

I patched it through a batch file provided in the patch download.

When testing the unpatched version on 3DS with the Forwarder, it it runs but it occasionally flashes and goes nuts graphically, something similar to how Paper Mario 64 breaks on Project 64. Then it softlocks on a cutscene and just keeps looping it. The floor is gone, too.
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