Issue: Runnin' GC games (multi boot) on Wii

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    Jul 21, 2010
    I followed a tutorial [url =] How to record two or more Gamecube games on a single DVD; To be used on the Wii [/ url] Once I've made the whole process has been generated a 2.25 GB iso ... is there a problem? I always thought the Wii DVDs were full. (even if the bump) ... 4, xxGB straights ..

    After I burned the DVD, I try to run it on wii ... I usually put the dvds and I wait on the system menu... when I put this DVD and wait on the system menu it raises an error (eject dvd blah blah blah) ... But if I enter the (DISC)channel and put the DVD disc it goes up to the boot screen... what is this? is it common? beyond the noise that is doing (thec - thec) once in a while ... when the DVD is in the reader ...