ISOcorp with Preloader .29 and SoftMii 2.1.1

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by mrrcorn, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. mrrcorn

    mrrcorn Member

    Jul 6, 2009
    OK, I have the Soft Mii 2.1.1 AND with a Preloader.29 also CIOScorp too with the Cios Rev13b.

    I have had a few (2 so far) backups that just dont like to work. IE: Vertual Tennis and the Grand Slam Tennis. I know these games work so the originals DO (lent to friend) NOW the Eject ver workd till i get too loading the players numbers and then nothing (Cant read the damn Disk) and this is with the loaders that offer the 02 fix and the ever so nice neogammer Prog.

    This is a little annoying as my friend seems to think he can get a hard drive to his so no more backups, ( i like to save my disks from scraches. as i have had tooooo many in the past)

    This is all well and good but i realy dont want to get a hard drive,

    Also I have tryed the backups on his too who also has the same setup but NOT 13b Just 10 and his dont work eather.

    Please Help.

    Oh here is another Annoying thing. I have Done somthing to the shopping channel and the weather channel. I was messing about with a Nand injector and buggered my channels up. Is there a way of getting these back to norm without Restting it all and starting the Soft Mii again.

    Peace and thanks in advance.

    MrRCorn [​IMG]
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