ISO scrubbing/shrinking issues... help.

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    Feb 11, 2010
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    I have a Western Digital HD with about a 300GB partition for WFBS. I had recently taken off a game from my HD and put it onto my computer using WFBS manager. When I put it back on my HD I noticed that it shrank in size considerably. So I decided to do this to all the games that were over 7 GBs to create some free space on the partition. Most of the games worked after I put them back on but there were a few that didn't. Some of the games on WiiFlow I would either get a black screen on loading and it would freeze or simply just going to the coverart would freeze the wii up and I would have to hard reset by holding down the power button. On USB LoaderGX when I clicked the games that would not work nothing would happen and then the rest of the program would be unresponsive. There were a few other games on my HD that I didnt even touch which also didnt work suddenly, SSBB, MarioKart, Metroid: M. I just ended up deleteling them for the time being as I will get them again later. But can anyone tell me why this would happen? Or is there a better/more appropriate way I should be shrinking the ISO files? Other than me taking them off my HD then putting them back on, as its kind of a pain. Thanks to all with any helpful responses.

    edit: I just read a topic about "Wii backup Manager", is this a more stable/better/widely used program than WFBS manager? Can it shrink ISOs without taking them off the HD?
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    1. Space out your post with paragraphs youll get answers quickly because if its hard to read most people will just not bother.
    2. You dont need WBFS anymore fat32 and ntfs are supported now.
    3. WBFS files is the way to go it maximize the shrinking and work flawlessly. Probably what you have (had?) on your WBFS partition.
    4. Wii backup manager is being more worked on so i go with that.