ISO File Games. How to play them on PS3 Multiman

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    Oct 16, 2018
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    Are you using a version with Cobra or without? I'm not familiar with anything besides Rebug, but it seems from a quick google search that the versions with Cobra have it always on, in which case you may need to replace your CFW with one that supports Cobra.
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    Oct 14, 2019
    I have that same problem with the same game but I'm using HEN.

    System: 4.84
    HEN: 2.3.1

    1 - I tried to run CoD4: MW(ISO format) on Multiman = ISO TYPE: 32 / ERROR: ENCRYPTED/INVALID ISO
    2 - I converted from ISO to folder format and tried to play = Error 80010017
    3 - I updated the game = The game opens and displays the CoD4:MW logo but quickly returns to XMB.

    It seems a Cod4 problem...
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    Hen is supposed to load modified eboots but has trouble with some

    I fixed many games black screening etc on hen by resigning the eboot to 3.55
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    You really should just install Rebug as it's a lot easier to use.
    You install Rebug, then you choose something like Managunz or irisman or webman and use that to run your games.
    Managunz allows you to create a shortcut on your xmb for your games so you don't need to open your manager all the time
    edit: realized I'm replying to a necrobumped thread :/
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