iso / bin issues with non zipped roms, ie playstation gamecube heelllp

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  1. njkmonty

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    Jun 18, 2012
    have recently softmodded wii have
    usb loader gx working great playing my wii titles from external hard drive no probs
    have setup most forwarders for emulators and are working great,
    the only problem im up to is trying to get
    playstation and gamecube and disc related emulators to work
    i currently have Wiisx installed .
    i downloaded gran turismo Gran Turismo [SCUS-94194]
    it has 3 files in it .ccd, .img, and a .sub file, with the image file being around 661mb

    is there a funny way how to load them?

    also a bit clueless on loading downloaded gamecube roms, and sega saturn stuff,

    i also have on my original xbox a mame emulator, and have just about evry rom available for that,
    is there a descent working emulator for mame? or just the mame wii?

    any way steer me in the right path?