iSMM (GBA in DS slot, videos, DSTwo like features) for $14 on RHS

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    For those unaware the iSmart line was an OEM line of flash carts (the ismart premium which is going even cheaper is an EZ5i), note this not a clone but an officially sanctioned thing. The iSMM was an OEM iplayer but with the DSTwo loader ported to it.
    The project kind of fell apart with the Ron's, the one that started the iSmart project and owner of RHS and 0shipping zone, death ( ) so it is not a current version of the DSTwo code.
    Likewise it did not get updates past April/May 2012 (not many games after that but a few, including Pokemon Black and White 2 and I am not sure how that works on it. Veggy World works though).

    It has a more than serviceable media player, being a port of the DSTwo loader it also has its cheat finding, cheat fiddling, strategy viewer, savestates and all that other good stuff.

    It has a GBA emulator. It is nds-gba based but is a better bet than the software only emulators and is easier to find than a lot of GBA flash carts are these days (cheaper too).

    Likewise it is not going to work with the newer 3ds or DSi firmwares. Not sure which it died on the 3ds for at the moment but I doubt it made it all the way to 4.5 if that is what you are thinking (though it might have made it to 4.2 or one of those).

    There is a port of dingux available for it as well but it not a great piece of code. I will probably get slapped for it but I do have to mention it kind of has a PS1 emulator that can get into the high teens in terms of framerate for a handful of games (more than enough for some puzzle games).

    In short if you know what you are getting in for (and especially if you are one of the sensible ones that still rocks a DS or DS lite) then $14 is a steal (shipping is pretty cheap as well if you are in the US at under $3 if you want it to be).