iSmart MM kernel update 2.1 20110927

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    The iSmartDS team have released an update for their iSMM flash cart to force the recent US release of Kirby to run in clean mode (a crude fix but allows it to work without fiddling). It is not a complete kernel download so you will need a proper setup before replacing the files with the ones from this update.[/p]

    Release notes

    [​IMG] news post
    [​IMG] download post
    [​IMG] Filetrip download

    [​IMG] Discuss

    Thanks to Mbmax for the news.
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    Nov 7, 2006
    Thanks FAST6191 for the news on GBAtemp.

    A little advice to the dstwo owners, use the savemode.dat provided in this release.
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    Oh man, where is Wood R4 1.37 ? Where are the yellow goblins ? Maybe the are waiting for Prof Layton and that game of kill aliens like metal slug ? Ok ok, I will wait but , 2 mouths before I remember very well that goblins are very fast to work and the updated of Wood was very fast , good times.