Is Xbox 360 Homebrew dying

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Dominator211, Aug 13, 2017.

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    I know there are many motherboard revisions and different types of hardware on board but are people still working trying to find exploits I mean I have no soldering experience whatsoever and my Xbox 360 is the only console that I am not modded yet and I would like it to be as easy as it is to Martha Wii but I know it's not that simple I'm just curious to see if people are still working on it
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    don't count on a software hack ever happening.
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  3. [^Blark^]

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    Too answer you directly, NO I don't think anything new exploits are being worked on for 360 but if you wanted to mod I'm sure you may already know but your options AFAIK are...

    It's either :

    (no chip BUT needs lower dash kernel version)


    ^^both require soldering.

    there is None and never will be a soft mod exploit to take over the system without hardware modifications from my understandings. even when homebrew came out for 360 it died out fast from what I've read and soon found out myself. Homebrew just never really took of for the 360 most likely due to how hard they were to mod and RROD issues that is until newer rev. Like falcon and jasper released but even at that those system's still take risks as well its just not nearly as high of a %...

    @ Dinoscene will be sure to chime in and answer more thoroughly if he is still around the temp.
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    Original Xbox is still a thriving system when it comes to homebrew, emulators, etc. They are cheap, plentiful, and can easily be softmodded.I have an RGH Jasper 360, and whirl I like it for 360 games, indie games, and XBLA, it will never come close to the versatility of the OG Xbox.

    Just a suggestion...
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  5. [^Blark^]

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    Dec 19, 2012
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    Yea I agree with you 100%. I have a 256mb Jasper Jtag and it's great for exactly what you said playing 360,arcade,indie games. But when it comes to emulators there are very few worth while and I'll just mention that snes360 saves are like encrypted and not saved separately and it has bugs you can lose saved data if you don't exit the emu properly. Most are still in beta or never left the .elf stage and have to be loaded via the eject button (pcsx, n64,) even media players are like non existant. Xmplayer works but it's also a .elf file can't be loaded from the xbox dash. I agree that OG xbox''s are in every way better for emulating etc and would suggest it as well. (Surreal 64, xbmc, pcsxbox)

    If OP wants to just play 360 games and doesn't care about the arcade etc. Then flashing the disc drive is all it will take. And you just have to burn games in stealth mode to not risk ban . Otherwise just sell your 360 and look for an already modded one. I bought mine years ago for 225$ w/500gb hdd swap
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    360 homebrew scene was never as booming as the original Xbox.

    I think it's mainly due to MS having the XBL platform tightly integrated with the 360.
    That drove a lot of people away from modding it, hence a lot of small time devs.
    Low interest in homebrew means low interest in hacking.

    What you got now is a bunch of emu's and applications like Blark said but that's it.
    JTAG/RGH boxes are mainly used for cheat boxes on COD and GTA, ruining online play.

    A software hack happened on dash 4532 and 4548, the JTAG enabled the bootloader to boot in to the old bootloaders again and RGH did the same thing.
    Since then, no public software exploit has been released.
    The security is pretty tight and MS solved it rather quickly.
    I highly doubt a software exploit will occur, mainly due to RGH being unpatchable.

    99.5% of the people wanting to exploit their 360 do it either purely for piracy or cheating at COD, homebrew wise, it's wiser to just hack an old Wii, as there's a far better choice of emu's and applications.
  7. slaphappygamer

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    Nov 30, 2008
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    The games are hella cheap now. Just buy what you think you might like.
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