Is update 2.2u from Super Paper Mario?

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    May 3, 2007

    Also, is there a site that has a list of the updates? Like what date the update came, or which game it came from?
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    Yeah, I found it interesting. Even though my Wii was up to date, Super Paper Mario still said I had to update first, though it only took like 3 seconds to do so. Either it goes faster since its reading from a disc instead of downloading from the internet or it saw I was already up to date and skipped the update.
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    See I'm curious as to what's happening with the "updates" from other regions. I'm thinking it's adding the stuff from the region the game is coming from to your wii nand. Which makes me curious as to the possibility of changing the Wii's region by way of using different region updates.

    Like, I propose that if

    A PAL user had 2.1E and ran Super Paper Mario NTSC-U

    Super Paper Mario would add the "missing" directories and files for an NTSC-U console to the PAL Wii.

    The PAL user then updates the console using a game that has 2.2U system software on it, and presto, a NTSC-U Wii is created.

    Now I'm not super knowledgeable on what the updates are actually doing, this is all speculation, but it seems resonable to me because of the issues people had/have with updating their console with an incorrect region update.

    See when all the PAL modders bricked their wii's with Super Paper Mario, it came up with an error saying the Wii couldn't locate a file in a directory on the nand in reference to what should have been there on an NTSC-U wii.

    Really no one should try this unless they're unafraid of killing their wii. But maybe someone who knows more about what the nand flash contains (team infectus) could shed some more light on the situation. I'm sure a lot of PAL users would love to make their console NTSC-U.