Is this Wii fixable?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by wharfrat417, May 6, 2010.

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    Hi there everyone! I found this forum while searching for an answer to my ongoing problem on the Complete Softmod Guide website, which directed readers here if they had any questions. I spent the past few hours searching through the forums here but can't find an exact answer to my problem, so I figured I'd go ahead and post. I sincerely apologize in advance if this sort of thing has already been discussed.

    I have an older Wii (not sure of version number and such, but it's about 3 years old I believe) with a Wiikey version 1 installed. Late last year I foolishly tried to play a European backup of New Super Mario Bros in the Wii, and it did what I'd call a partial system update. My Wii now shows up as 4.1E. It isn't totally bricked, thankfully, and will still play the backups I've tried. However, when I go to Wii Settings I get an Opera error that some file is not found, so I can't access or modify my settings at all, or connect to WiFi. Also, some of the channels show up twice on the Wii Home menu. The reason I'm calling it a partial update to 4.1E is because I have read that a full 4.1E update would have bricked my Wii completely, and mine still seems to be mostly functional.

    I tried following the Complete Softmod Guide (, and everything seemed to go perfectly fine until I started installing the numerous wads necessary for an offline update to 4.2U. For some reason, IOS15-64-v257.wad would not install (I was using YAWMM) and gave me an error -1035. I went ahead and tried to install the 4.2U system update using Dop-Mii, but this also failed, I'm guessing because my Wii is showing up as 4.1E.

    So after some months of searching off and on for a solution I'm pretty much stumped. The Complete Softmod Guide seemed like it was going to work for me, but in the end I couldn't actually update to the correct region's system menu. Can anyone tell me if this situation is indeed fixable, or if I should just be glad my Wii isn't totally bricked? This softmod/homebrew stuff is all very new to me, but I feel like I'm catching on somewhat, so I think if I can just find the right guide I could fix this!

    Thank you very, very much in advance for any help you can provide. This is obviously a very active and knowledgeable community, so I'm hoping that if an answer to my particular problem exists someone here can find it. Thanks!!!
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    Strange that happened, it should have worked
    Either way, it's fixable

    Re-installing the system menu should work
    You can use Dop-Mii to re-install System menu 4.1E [​IMG]

    Edit: I mean your old system menu version, not 4.1E >.<

    Edit2: Wow, wait, You tried to go from 4.1E to 4.2U? Or at least you installed the System menu for the wrong region? That'd explain it, you cannot region change your wii like that!!!
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    Hi tj_cool! What I very stupidly did was apply (or at least partially apply, because my Wii is not totally bricked like some I've read about!) the 4.1E system update (from a PAL New Super Mario Bros backup disc) to my US Wii. I think at the time my Wii was on 3.2 maybe. Do you think there's any way I can get it back to a US system menu, or is that impossible?

    Thank you for your help!!
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    Yikes, i did this too ;o

    hope you fix it bro. i had a modchip so fixing was a snap
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    It looks like NSMBW PAL did indeed update you to 4.1E.
    But out-of-region updates don't change your region settings, so they're still at USA.
    This is why you are getting an opera error.

    The later updates put useless broken stub IOS in IOS slots that are not used by latest sysmenus, in order to prevent people from downgrading.

    So DON'T install 3.2 over 4.1!
    As the update would have put a stub where IOS30 goes (sysmenu 3.0/3.1/3.2/3.3 needs a working IOS30), so you cannot go back to 3.2 without doing some other things.

    But since you are now on 4.1, and have regions settings set to USA, just hunt down a system menu 4.1U wad (NUSD or Google can get them) and install it via Wad Manager.

    Since the update NSMBW has is only 4.1, most of your homebrew should be intact, but if you had bootmii installed as boot2, you'll have to reinstall it (and make a new NAND backup while you're at it), since the NSMBW update will try to overwrite bootmii boot2 with a clean boot2. If you never installed bootmii as boot2, I suggest you do so anyway.

    Then, load up AnyTitle deleter and delete the 2 system titles (00010002) with Title IDs HAFP (48414650) and HAGP (48414750). This will remove the dupe PAL News and Weather channels. Then delete the Hidden titles (00010008) with Title IDs HAKP (48414b50) and HALP (48414c50) to remove the hidden dupe PAL RgnSel and EULA channels).

    DON'T delete anything else!

    Then your Wii should be working fine, and updated to 4.1U.
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    May 6, 2010
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    You guys are freaking geniuses. Mauifrog, that worked PERFECTLY! That's the exact thing I had been searching for but I guess I couldn't figure out the proper keywords to use to find that guide. And damysterman, that got rid of those duplicate channels on my system menu! Thank you guys SO, SO much! Not only is my system menu working properly again after many months, but this forum and the complete softmod guide introduced me to tons of neat things I never knew my Wii was capable of.

    I feel kind of like an idiot now for having my Wii chipped what with Neogamma available, but I was just able to load and play my US backup of NSMB, the game that defeated me months ago in the first place. :-)

    Once again, thank you all!!!