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    Originally Posted by Venomous Fire View Post
    Im fairly new to the Wii scene *came from Xbox360, although I still help there from time to time* and I can say he isnt the only person, and this isnt the only scene like this.

    On the xbox360 side you have people like Roofus *Sufoor* and AngerWound who do their best to create tools and distribute them to people for use. They created Xplorer360, the best tool to access your Xbox 360 HDD.

    But they also created other things *The first CON file resigner, the first people to "hack GS, etc* but they didnt want it to be used to hurt the main population of XBL, so they didnt even talk about it, unlike others in the scene. They eventually just kinda disappeared into their own site and dont do much for the scene anymore.

    Detox *Xenon.77*, Anthony, ShadowLAG, etc, have acquired themselves Developer 360s. Currently the only way to run homebrew is to have one of these items.

    They took them and created tools to use, and showed them off, but when asked about them they got a generous "F you" in the terms of they refuse to share, but love showing off and talking about how they have it.

    Back then a decent Dev 360 would cost you 800 USD max. Then Detox saw an opportunity and began selling dev kits. Now to get a decent dev kit you will need to shell out 1400 USD. However, you still wont get any of the tools that are shared freely between the "cool circle" who make money off selling these xboxs, but you can sure watch other people use them.

    I remember awhile back I wrote a tutorial on modding films in Halo 3 and had a shitstorm from Supermodder117 claiming I stole his research on films and should remove the tutorial. He refuses to talk to me to this day... I removed the values he gave me and replaced them with one of the MANY other public sources for the values...

    The Xbox360 scene quickly turned into "how can I profit off of this homebrew" instead of "lets work together" so now literally NOTHING gets done. I was able to author an exploit on a pre-NXE dashboard 360, however the people with dev kits refused to help me debug it without me paying them and the kits are too expensive to obtain, seeing as I am a broke college student. What do you know, the NXE dash came out a month or so after I had the exploit to the stage I needed a dev kit, and the hole was patched.
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    Nope. That's just useless drama from people who probably don't know a thing about hacking.
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