is thereStep By Step Guide for total noobs (more detailed steps) thanks in advance

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    so i just bought Wii U bundle has 5.3.2

    whats first step? Domains to block ??

    second step install Kernel Exploit? it was fully detailed steps in wii hacking guide but for TCP gecko something i didnt understand

    then i can use TCP GECKO?

    1. Get the Official Kernel Exploit to run.
    2. Open the Internet Browser
    3. Open your bookmark or type your URL (IP+Port) from Mongoose into the URL field (Ex:
    4. Click TCP Gecko (or navigate to your pyGecko folder if not using a root index.html)
    Note: Wii U will freeze for about 2-5 seconds, then show the home menu settings if it works.
    Note: If it doesn't work, the TV will go black and the Game Pad will freeze. Hard reset and try again.
    5. Press Wii U Menu
    6. Open your game from disc or one installed to the Wii U's hard drive( so can use TCP with digital games?)
    All the steps above done in wiiu?

    then why it mention PC down? i thought u use gecko from the wiiu

    7. On your PC, open "C:\WiiU\TCPGeckoClient\Gecko dNet.exe" as administrator (right-click, Run as administrator)
    8. In your router settings, find the IP of the Wii U from (under Client Status for me)
    9. Type your Wii U's IP into the connection box on the TCP Gecko Client
    10. Press Connect (hit ignore on the error

    • whats How do I extract ROMs from VC games?
    • How do I inject ROMs into VC games?

    • sorry dont know how to change memory in wiiu
    • only used cheat engine on PC

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