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    Feb 11, 2021
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    Is there such a thing as patching DS games? sorta like enabling game patching in Luma3DS then going to the game you have patches for
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    I doubt it will be applying xdelta patches any time soon (requirements there are considerable, to say nothing of there being multiple types of xdelta and several other formats and methods in common rotation for the DS among ROM hackers). Don't know what goes in the case of simple redirect or file aware stuff like you might have seen elsewhere on the Switch or something, if it does exist then you might be able to compare a patched ROM to stock, figure out the changed internal files and then either copy those or make patches it understands but I have not seen such functionality discussed here.

    More generally

    Cheats is an option (though so is patching them in yourself with something like DSATM, or on more old school DS hardware and original carts with something like https://www.chishm.com/NitroHax/ ). The way the DS works also means you can do some fairly impressive things with basic RAM cheats that older systems might have had to look to ROM/game genie type approaches for. This is to say the DS binary is loaded into RAM and thus RAM cheats can change the underlying binary, and if they are small you can also look to see when a given unique piece of something is loaded into RAM (it also has to load the rest of the game data into RAM when it needs it).
    You don't necessarily even have to be a good cheat maker for this. Learn how to decompress ARM9 binaries and overlays ( https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/826/ , the BLZ option of that. Not all games will be compressed) and thus you can figure out what is changed on the system itself (get a WRAM dump or uncompressed savestate to locate the final destination) and thus then where to direct cheats at to recreate it. Patching things at file level will probably be the harder part if finding a unique string such that you know only the file(s) you want are being touched when in RAM (assuming they stick around long enough to be attacked here -- if they appear straight in VRAM or something then might be harder.

    Similarly you could probably slide a save file around to get it onto a hacked version of the game and then stick it back on the original cart after you are done if that is a desire.

    Short version. Just dump the ROM, patch it and use that instead. Throw saves around if needs be.
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