Is there some kind of Wi Fi connection server

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    I was wondering how does the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection works,and I was considering that there could be a single server right at the heart of nintendo(depending on the region you live in),and then I considered Directconnection(or P2P) as well,I don´t know but I still dont know how the Wifi Connection Service works.

    Sorry about the noob question,I´m still questioning myself. [​IMG]
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    P2P doesnt need any network, that needs two DS's and two game cards, one of them act as a server, and another will connect to it.

    for Wi-Fi games, there is one guy (read "server") who has the game (not the one you have, a bigger and more powerful one) and you all connect to him.
    as i know, these dont need much processing power but they need a fast (low ping for no delay) and big bandwidth (for allowing hundreds of people simultaneously connect).

    it depends on nintendo's policies to put all games on one server or what, but what i presume is that they have one main server which acts as an index page and that just clusters other servers to reduce the bottleneck on one server, that one server manages the power which is drained from other servers and tries to ballance it.

    your game connects to that main server and has no idea about how other servers are there or not, its job of that main server to balance the power distributed between all others. so in your gamecard the IP address of that main server is written and will never change and so on.

    there is another possibility, they can wrote a main server ID in games and that server finds what you want to play and forwards you to those servers.

    these are standard/classic ways to distribute processing, they all can/should customize it in their own way of needs.