Is there Preloader compatibility issues with Drivekey modchip or any o

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by the_phantom_game, May 24, 2009.

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    May 23, 2009
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    Does anyone know if Preloader has compatibility issues with Modchips specifically Drivekey Modchip, I tried to install Preloader .029 final and got black screen.

    The steps I did
    (1.) Extracted Files from preloaderv0.29-cred.rar and Placed In Folder Called "preloaderv0.29-cred" in APPS Folder on Root of SD CARD
    (2.) Change "preloaderv0.29-cred.dol" to Boot.dol in the Folder
    (3.) Placed the Hacks.ini" in the Root of the SD Card
    (3.) Placed SD card in Wii then Loaded up HBC and the Loaded "apps/preloaderv0.29-cred/boot.dol
    (4.) Next I just get a Black Screen and it hangs there.
    (5.) Restarted Wii and tried it again and same thing.

    Question 1: Does the fact that the Drivekey modchip already has Update Blocker effect Preloader Installation or Function?
    Question 2: Does the fact the Drivekey modchip have Region override enable effect Preloader Installation or Function?
    Question 3: Is it worth not using Preloader if its not compatible with Drivekey modchip or should going just softmod only.
    Question 4: Bootmii is still in its first beta is that a better option than bootmii or should people wait for a later release.

    Thanks any info will be helpful.