Is there anyway to get my FE saves an extra content back?

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    My Switch updated to 9.0.1 (without my consent lol) and now I can't use the memory card that Fire Emblem was saved on as well as all the extras (Story, Attire, Battles, etc.). I lost 35 hours of saves (somehow all my other saves can be played even if I switch cards) and I can't install the update or the extras because it says that the firmware is too low. So now I'm stuck with these saves that won't open and I am wondering if there is any way I can fix this. Or do I have to restart and just play it without anything extra?
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    First off, your firmware being too low makes no sense as you're on the latest firmware. Either find better dumps or use a better title installer. Secondly, the Switch cannot update without you or someone else's consent.
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