Is there anyway I can see if my switch has cfw installed?

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  1. chippy

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    Dec 21, 2017
    Check if it has any installed games. Try running them if they do and if you get an error because of no patches it had CFW
    Check error logs in the settings. If you find some without games chrck the codes online.
    Btw the backup you did will not clean it if it's been CFW also restoring a different backup from q different switch will brick it
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  2. lpoolm

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    Jun 20, 2017
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    thanks for all the feedback, i probably never explained my issue to begin with that is why there is some confusion with regards to it sounding like i assumed it had cfw installed rather then it installs each time you start it.

    Final question is there a way to turn off auto rcm?

    I have used an sd card with sx os on and used my dongle to boot, i have selected turn off auto rcm but when i turn the switch fully off it still will not turn back on with an injector being used?

    WIll it always need an injector now to turn on?

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    I'm not sure about SX OS, but hekate ctaer can turn off AutoRCM for you, let us know if this works (its under tools > miscellaneous I believe).
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    Search for saves.
    If there are plenty of titles, you have a clue of how many games went on that system.
    If there's a few, I'd bet it was ok and the user tried but failed to correctly boot CFW.

    If not, restore factory settings and go online. And hope for the best.
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    @OP how many games are installed on the switch?

    You could use ChoiNX to reload firmware and disable autoRCM from the options