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    Alright, I recently wanted to play one of my older games (Gotcha Force) and I had a backup from a GC USB. When I got it over to my SD card, and went to restore it, I got the error that there was not enough space, the game only took 10 blocks and I had 24 free, but when restoring, it was going to take somewhere around 33k blocks.

    Ive already tried backing up, deleting, and restoring another game, and it worked fine (F-Zero, 4 blocks)

    So my question is; Did my save go bad? Or is there a difference between the saves backed up from GC memory cards used on the wii and those used on the GC?

    Oh, and the apps I've tried s far are Gamecube Saver and GCMM, are there any others out there that might work?