Is there any way to transfer my data to another Sd card?

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    Well, I'm using the 4gb Sd card for my 3ds, but I want to upgrade to 32gb. The problem is when I copied all data from the old one ( 4gb) to the new one ( 32gb) I got error after using Ds profile method. I couldn't get into the gateway mode anymore. But when I put the old Sd card, its still working perfectly. What can I do now? Thanks for reading.
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    What I did,

    1. Extract emuNand the old SD (4GB) using emuNand tool 1.03.
    2. Copy all files and folders to PC.
    3. Format emuNand for the new SD (32GB) using emuNand tool 1.03.
    4. Inject the backup emuNand to the new SD
    5. Copy all files and folders (copied before) from PC to the new SD


    Read the old SD (4GB) using Install Win32Image
    Write the backup image to the new SD (32GB)
    Use a partition tool to resize the data partition to maximum size possible.
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