Is there any way to go online with a jtagged xbox?

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    The guy who modified my xbox said i shouldnt go online and didnt tell me why and what would happen if i did. But im kinda curious on what the online play would be like in xbox. But they said you need to pay for it? Arent there free online games for xbox? And is it even possible to do that with a jtagged xbox?
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    Oct 11, 2011
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    You can go online.
    Only to get banned 10 seconds later.

    You could use LiNK in FSD.
    That will allow you to play certain Syslink games online.
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    Does FIFA have this Syslink option? FIFA is just about the only game I want to play online, maybe together with GTA V.
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    There is precious little that got system link support on the 360. Fifa, GTA and pro evo are not among them. The later entries in the Saint's row series are mind you. least has more. The number is not big but it does include no small number of the stronger games in the system library.

    It is not so reliable for upcoming games (though equally upcoming games can get and drop features, especially such lowly things as co-op).
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