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    Well, i just wanted to keep my old 3DS tidy by installing legit games only, but i came up with this idea just recently and there are already some games installed on the system so since i do not remember if those came from legit CIAs i'm asking if there is a way to know it. I could uninstall the games and search for legit CIAs for them, but this would take too much of my time and my internet connection is not that good lmao. I use an O3DS with Luma CFW and bootstrap9 (i do have access to godmode9 too).

    Thanks for the help anyway!!
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    Why so worried your pirating anyways?
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    There are not that many games with universal legit tickets available (only those which came preinstalled on 2|3DS consoles). Legit vs non-legit makes no difference when having Luma. But anyway, there is absolutely no reason to not answer your question either.

    I just can't think at the moment and don't see any easy way to find out which titles are legit ones.

    You could try this:
    1. If you still have the CIA files, use GodMode9's (v1.9.0 and newer) CIA checker tool.
    2. Try dumping the titles in question as legit CIA with GodMode9. This will obviously fail if no legit ticket is available. (If it starts dumping the title is legit – you can cancel it once it starts building the file)
    3. Start native firm (boot without loading Luma). If you can start an installed game without CFW loaded, it is legit – else you get an error message telling you to redownload the software). Description how to to this → See Safety Test for CFW uninstallation. :!: Don't use the official updater while Luma is not loaded or B9S might get overwritten.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you very much!!
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