Is there any way I can earn money for my DS reviews?

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    If you don't know I have a YouTube page where I review recent DS games; I now have over 1,500 subscribers.

    I suspect very much there will be a lot of demand for 3DS reviews, I this is something I really want to do. Unfortunately I'm going to University this year and paying for a 3DS and its games sounds like it will be too much.

    I've heard that video makers can make money online, but I'm new to the concept. Is there any way I can earn money for my reviews?

    And if you want to see my channel, link's here:

    Thanks in advance.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    Chances are you'll never make money for your reviews.
    Or good money anyways, I hear putting ads on your youtube videos doesn't pay much, and just pisses off your viewers until they leave and find someone else who reviews games.

    There are plenty of 'professionals' out there already getting paid to do reviews. It's an easy job, and a ton of people are qualified to do it. So it's pretty much impossible to get a position in video game reviewing as a job.

    In fact, i'm not even sure how many people get paid to review these days, considering how tarnished "professional" reviews are in the eyes of the public, for good reason. I'd imagine it's starting to become a dying (paid) profession, unless you get yourself a TV show, which is even less likely to happen.