Is there any point of staying on 5.4?

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    Aug 15, 2015
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    Seeing as more development is being put into 5.5, is there any point to staying on 5.4 over 5.5?

    I don't see why, as there's more than likely going to be things released on 5.5, and being the only firmware that disallows all access to NN without a spoofer isn't worth the potential 2+ year wait for something that 5.5 could do in the future.
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    Oct 26, 2014
    Always stay on the lowest firmware possible.
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    Yah, I was wondering the same. It seems all the work I read about references both 5.4 and 5.5 in tandem. I also got some DLC codes that came with the 5.4 console that I want to use lol but don't want to update in the process of redeeming them. I am weary of updating though unless someone involved in the exploits advises it is safe to do so.
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    I don't go map findin' behindin'
    Here's the thing, and this is a hard lesson that I've had to learn myself. Having been 2 days away from having a 5.3.2 system, based on a few particular posts here I updated to 5.4 to get some N64 VC titles. Now as we've all found out, that was a HUGE mistake.
    You have to take everything you read with a grain of salt, especially when there appear to be some um, additional motives. The fact of the matter is that all that exists to get in in the first place is that PoC stagefright exploit that as many have stated is too broken to use. I get the impression that it's not that they choose not to release it based on the fact that Nintendo hasn't patched it yet, but rather that a release would be a complete and utter disaster. Nobody seems to be working on an improved stagefright exploit.
    Point is, stay on 5.4 and wait it out, because other than that webkit, it's a 5.3.2 system. And pay no mind to what people say, but rather what they do.
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    I'm on 5.4 also ... Bought a micosd and smash in anticipation of getting it going but it ended up being the wrong MK8 bundle... :( (Still asking why the picture hasn't been changed on Definitive Guide because if features Mk8 non wheel/disk less bundle. That one is 5.4 but the old bundle is 5.3.2).

    Keeping console offline and playing Mario Kart 8 without the dlc. Hopefully something comes out before the end of the year for 5.4.
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    What exactly is possible on 5.3.2 right now? Mine updated automatically to 5.5 and I want to know if all hope is lost
  7. mutinize

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    Jan 17, 2014
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    Spend like 10 seconds looking through the Wii U homebrew section. We have kernel access and the goodies it brings along, though I'm not telling what because you need to do some of the work.
  8. oumoumad

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    Apr 20, 2015
    A reason to stay on 5.4.0 : there is a public kernel exploit that has been improved a lot and works on 5.4.0, all you need is a userspace access to triger it ;).
    I don't know what you mean by "Seeing as more development is being put into 5.5" but if you're talking about Hykem saying he's IOSU exploit will work on 5.5.0. that doesn't mean he's working on 5.5.0, he's own Wii U is probably still on 3.x

    It is always your call to update or no ^^, the way I see it is, it's much easier to update than downgrade, so even if 5.5.0 is better later, it would still be possible for you to update to it easily. While the inverse is so far still impossible.

    But I understand your point of view, with 5.5.0 you can at least enjoy the eshop stuff :D (for now, as long as nintendo doesn't ninja you with an update), so the question you should be asking is , what is more important for me ? homebrew, or NN,eshop etc...
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    see i dont like post that try blame their decision on others, people will very often give the best advice at that time, its down to you as the end user to make your own judgement, if anyone ever gives dodgy advise they are called out pretty much straight away, but before the 5.3.2 exploit was released all people had to go on was the fact that there was no signs of any exploit going to be released, and at the time it was know that there was private exploits for 5.3.2 and one for 5.4.0 too, so logically if someone makes a thread saying "idk what to do" you are asking for peoples opinions, those opinions may turn out to be wrong in the long run, but if your the kind of person who makes those threads just so you have someone else to blame when you ultimately make up your own mind.....well you ought to try accepting responsibility for your own choices, there was no conspiracy to make you update

    EDIT:- OK i spoke with Zap via PM and he did have a point to be made here, but didn't want to start OT debates, lets just say in his case he wasn't completely wrong, but not everyone is trying to mislead people into updating :)
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    Uhh I did. What the heck does it all mean? What does "kernal access" mean? What kind of goodies does that imply?
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