Is there any more games of this style?

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    May 18, 2013
    Some days ago, I discovered this jewel for the PSP system (also availabe on PS3):

    It is a rhythm game (obviously if you know K-On) where you play different instruments and the music is adapted to the one you are playing.

    I was wondering if there is more games with this (I think) unique feature, which I have found amazing and it is pretty addictive.

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    Feb 14, 2017
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    to be honest, haven't seen games like those
  3. Taleweaver

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    Sorry, but based on the video I can't really say what the game's unique feature is about, and the description doesn't really help me.

    Obviously, games like guitar hero and rock band change their note ladders, based on the instrument you choose prior to the song. The input methods also range between keyboards (frets on fire) and actual guitar (rocksmith).
    Games that rely on music you play is also not that new (I think vib ribbon was the first one). Audiosurf certainly comes to mind, and I'm sure I have a couple other similar games that start out by letting me pick a song and then create a platformer or a racetrack based on said song's beats, riffs and so on.
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    Now I want to watch K-On again!

    Like taleweaver said, we don't understand if you are looking for a rhythm game with a specific element, or any rhythm game.
    Or maybe you want only PSP games?
    or maybe just "picking one instrument" and playing that part on the song. I don't remember playing game where you can pick only one instrument from the scores.

    If you want a general rhythm game, I don't know about PSP, but I played few of them on other consoles.

    First, Osu Tatakae Ouendan series on NDS. that's like a classic in rhythm games. The series got a western version named "Elite Beat Agent" (less good but interesting).
    That series even served as base for the PC open source version OSU

    If you want to stay in the anime world, you can find Nodame Cantabile, very short and not that interesting, but that's Nodame cantabile, if you liked the anime/drama, then you'll want to play it.

    Taiko no tatsujin, too. though, it's only drum music (2 touch mode only).

    On NDS, there's also this very good game : Maestro! Jump in music, easy in easy mode, too hard in normal.

    there's also an old one, less known : Daigasso, Band brothers. there's a 3DS version too.

    On 3DS, you can find 3 Theatrhythm games : 2 Final fantasy and 1 Dragon quest.
    I liked better the first Final fantasy game, even though it has less musics. But both are very good.
    I don't have Dragon quest game, but I'm sure it's as good.

    On Wii and other consoles, you have games like guitar hero, or Rock band, where you play with a instruments instead of the console's main controller.

    I probably forgot a lot of other game series.
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    Wow, that's something I don't experience much. It won't let me watch it because I'm American.

    "This video contains content from PONYCANYON, it is not available in your country."
  6. Taleweaver

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    Dec 23, 2009
    Of course not. Watching it from the US means a foreign video stream might illegally immigrate into your country and steal a job from an honest American youtuber, and that's something the government just won't stand for. ;)

    (sorry...I just couldn't resist :P ).
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