Is there any difference between the cheaper and more expensive SD card brands?

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  1. leafeon34

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    Sep 30, 2014
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    I'm going to hack my Wii U and need to buy a 64 GB SD card to back up the system. The image below is an extract from a catalogue of a popular PC parts store which I will buy the SD card from.

    I want a card that has a good transfer rate and won't break in 13 months time.

    sd card prices.
  2. Kleyon

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    Jul 11, 2017
    Kingston class 10 cards seems to have lower read/write rate than Sandisk Ultra, even if both are class 10 ! So I think that's where the difference is with other cards too.

    For example basic Class 10 Kingston is about 45Mb/s at read when Sandisk Ultra is about 80Mb/s...

    Edit : I always bet on Sandisk cards personally, they are reliable and have good warranty on it (Kingston isn't that bad too I think, but need to check transfer rate & warranty).
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  3. wolfmankurd

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    Jul 20, 2013
    Not too much, your biggest risk with SD cards are counterfeits or rejects being sold. Internally the differences are generally in wear leveling.
  4. leafeon34

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    Sep 30, 2014
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    Umm.... so what is the difference (if any) between the below?

    Sandisk Ultra (SDSQUNB)
    Sandisk Extreme (XVF)
    Sandisk Ultra (QUA)
    High endurance Sandisk SDSDQQ
    Sandisk Ultra (QNC)
    Sandisk (SDSDQUAN)

    I wish there was a recommended option for people like me who just want something that fucking works.
  5. RandomUser

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    Technically they all just works for the most part, just as long as they are genuine and not from the bad lot. Only reason to worry about speed is when a device requires it, mainly 4K video camcorder will require speed and the Sandisk extrema should be used. Class number means nothing this day and age, so look for the write throughput. Also look for something like UHS III or something like that if a device requires or use it. While UHS I will work in devices that supports UHS III, and the same for device that doesn't support UHS III SD card, the UHS III SD card will work in the device regardless, just will not make full use of the SD card speed capability. So again, they do just works. For example you can use UHS III or higher speed SD cards like 100MB write speed in a Nintendo :switch:. However the :switch: will not be able to write 100MB to the SD card, and that isn't the SD card fault, it is limited by the hardware of the :switch:.

    Just realized I necrobump this old thread. Sorry about that folks.
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