Is there any confirmed existance of Big Brain Academy for iQue DS?

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    Jul 14, 2018
    For those unaware, the iQue DS is just the Nintendo DS in China, with a different branding and name, all under Nintendo's approval.
    While searching up "iQue DS" on YouTube, I found this footage:

    (Footage from BBA starts at 0:32)

    I wonder if someone knows if this cartridge even exist.

    Edit: I looked onto a website, and I found a list with far more games under the console line of "Aspen Pellot DS" for distributation of Nintendo hardware in Taiwan. I don't know if Aspen Pellot and iQue worked together, but there was or is a whole library of games probably out in the wild:
    List of iQue/Aspen Pellot games that yet have to show up
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