Is there any 3rd-party software for the 3DS Powersaves dongle?

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    The Datel Powersaves dongle for 3DS is pretty cool, but the downside is that you have to use Datel's crappy software. So you're at the mercy of whatever codes they decide to create, and sometimes the software doesn't even work if their servers happen to be down.

    Has anyone (hackers/modders/etc.) ever tried making software that supports the Powersaves hardware, but doesn't require Datel's stupid online-only application? It would be awesome if you could use the dongle as a rom dumper, or have cheat engine support, or even just allowing you to hex-edit your save files. I've been waiting for a long time for some codes for Puzzle & Dragons, but the game isn't supported yet (even though the EU version is).

    It'd be nice if we weren't tethered to Datel's crappy software.
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