Is there an easy Guide to Setup R4 SDHC including forwarders on 3DS?

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    Hello friends,
    maybe its the wrong section but I wanna ask:
    Are there any "Step by Step" tutorials to Setup my Original R4 SDHC on my 3DS (Ive already got arm9loaderhax+Luma) is my Card compatible with the forwarder i dont know if this is a R4i or not?

    Image of the same R4 ve got at home

    I am not a complete noob but for some reason the R4 stuff confuse me alot and i dont know how to Setup my MicroSD or what some of a kind of TWL i need to patch.
    Would be nice if someone could help me with this to have the ultimate handheld.

    PS.: Whats the biggest microsd size to use for the R4 SDHC?
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