Is there a way to unban PGL ban?

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    Title, and also PKHeX has our Game Sync ID open for editing, does that mean I can remove the game from my PGL, edit my Game Sync ID with PKHeX, report my save into Sun and register my game again to be unbanned? Also when I try to use PGL, I get error code 090-0212
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    You can't do that, I'm pretty sure.

    Deleting your save and restarting gets rid of any bans as it's linked to the save and not the cart or system id or anything. Just back up your save with JKSM, and if you need to use PGL, make a new clean save to just inject every time you need game sync for something, and switch the two saves back and forth. Oh, and you will probably have to make a new PGL account on the site to register the new game.

    You can only get banned from PGL for Trainer Edits, so on your clean save avoid hacking for bag items or messing with trainer data.
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