Is there a way to transfer save games from original xbox to RGH console

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    And other way around?

    Im looking to inject a minecraft world from a RGH console to a official console with official game.

    And other way around looking to inject ninja gaiden savegame from official game to RGH console.
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    When you say original xbox people may think you mean one of actual original big black behemoths, not a stock 360.

    Anyway simple option is put the profile + saves on a USB (later dashboards added the option to do this, later ones still made it so you don't even need something like usbxtaf any more) or 360 memory card and transfer that over. If however you have hacked games and other things you might not want on that profile then that might not be ideal if you don't want to be banned from live (I don't know how hot MS are on all that these days -- they care a lot about hacked in achievements for whatever reason and cheat modded saves but other things are more hazy).

    There are more hackery ways like take the profile off the stock 360, take the one off the RGH machine, stick them both on a PC and then take the stuff from the RGH machine and inject the saves (not sure what will go for minecraft and locking it to profiles) and vice versa. Not sure what the kids are using for this sort of thing these days, though will get it done.
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    Well I can update the official x 360 easy. but the rgh update method is hard for me.. i havent updated it in atleast 1.5 year if not more.
    So i could transfer the official xbox 360 saves easy with dashboard update, then transfer to RGH.. right?
    The steps required to do this are in storage/save settings, you just copy it to your usb right or is it now done differently?
    Also I forgot, is it possible to copy original bought dlc to your rgh with it aswell? Or it would kinda beat the point
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    Just save the games on a pendrive and use them between the consoles?

    Also, updating a RGH isn't that hard.
    Just follow me tut on how to update it.