Is there a way to transfer legit CIAs between linked Nands?

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    So with the new Ironhax/Tubehax release (and Ninjhax 2 :P) I've had a thought pop into my head. I've had my O3DS 9.2 and N3DS 9.9 Nands linked since I've owned my N3DS (I accomplished this by transferring a copied O3DS emunand 9.5 to N3DS sysnand 9.5). And since then I haven't unlinked at all. Ultimately this means my SD data can be encrypted/decrypted by both systems and shared. Which is handy in itself.

    So here's my question: Is there some way I can transfer an installed legit CIA from my O3DS onto my N3DS? The game/save data on the SD should easily be able to be copy+pasted. I could probably copy+paste my title.db file as well (though I'd prefer it if I didn't have to).

    But I hear there's also a ticket.db? Which is responsible for saying what's installed?

    Is there any way to extract these files from both systems, and manually copy over installed game tickets/info? Or is that not possible on 9.9?