is there a way to load files from the sd card to replace files ingame or no?

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    I'm trying to change the game music in Dynasty Warrior VS.

    Is there a way to test the music like on the sd or something? instead of rebuilding the WHOLE rom over and over?
  2. Itzumi

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    Jun 27, 2018
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    Not that I know of. don't think that's possible
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    From the Luma wiki:
    Enable game patching [in the Luma config]: This option enables various game patching functions: external .code and exheader loading, IPS patching, LayeredFS, and Locale Emulation.
    • External code.bin and exheader.bin loading: This feature allows you to load patched code and exheader binaries for ROM hacks/modifications/etc. without needing to rebuild the modified game as a CIA.
      • To use this feature, create /luma/titles/TID on your SD card and place the modified code.bin in the TID folder. Don't know your Title ID (TID)? Search your game on 3dsdb to find it. For example, Pokémon X's title ID is 0004000000055D00, so if I wanted to patch its code binary, I would place my modified code.bin in /luma/titles/0004000000055D00.
      • Note: These files must be decompressed! Compressed .code files and similar will not function here. You can decompress .code into code.bin with GodMode9 and many other tools.
    • IPS patching: Rather than include the entire code.bin, Luma3DS supports the IPS patch format for code binary patching, allowing for you to distribute only your patches to the code, rather than requiring your users to patch the code.bin themselves or (more illegally) distributing the entire code.bin
      • Using this feature is the same as above, place your code.ips file in /luma/titles/TID.
    • LayeredFS: This allows you to replace files inside the romfs of a game/application.
      • To use this feature, create /luma/titles/TID/romfs and place the your modified files from the game's romfs into the romfs folder.
      • Note: DLC patching and HANS-style romfs binary files (instead of a folder) are not supported at this time.
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    Jun 16, 2016
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    Is that what I'm suppose to be looking at? I'm all doing is changing files in the romfs so I'm assuming its this one.

    So I but my edited files in this
    Ill have to give this a try later, hoping it works since rebuilding the rom is so tedious.
  5. zacchi4k

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    Yes that should be fine, just make sure you enable game patching in the Luma config
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    Yeah. You don't even need to put the original files there, it will load the modified files from SD and the rest from the ROM. Very handy.
    Some games like Smash pack the data inside large archives though, LayeredFS is a lot less useful for those. And Pokemon games have the data packed inside lots of unnamed archives making finding what you want a pain. But luckily most games don't do this so you should be fine.
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