Is there a software that can organize all my games in a nice neat fashion?

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    I've tried out Playnite and while it's cool and has a lot of features and it works with my emulators. But what I didn't like is that the pictures for games it would find would be different heights and would not be even. I'm really looking for software that will organize my games much like how the consoles do it. A bunch of squares and they are all even and high res. I also know that steam has its own built-in but it just doesn't seem to suit my taste. I really like the Xbox dash and how it is set up
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    You have to manually choose which version of the picture you want in the settings of playnite if you want that aio matching goodness. You can also specify where it pulls said pictures from and what type as well. The problem here is that There just may not be high res square versions of your desired covers no matter what you use for this. For instance there are a handful I could not find for that book cover feel for playnite. Worst case you can google said covers and add them in manually in Playnite. The only other alternative I can think of is Launch Box, but that's more geared towards retro consoles. Edit: I have a LOT of roms. Almost every one has a corresponding cover that fits the bill, but if you have a large collection it could take an hour or two to get all the images. If you do this back your playnite install after. If you don't you might have to do this all over (which I did at one point and was majorly ui[pset) (also bigbox is just another version of launchbox)
    You’ll need LaunchBox Premium in order to use Big Box Mode. Purchase a DRM-free premium license for only $20.
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