is there a rivalty with your city and another one?


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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
It is a concept that has been going on for hundreds of years in the UK.
Around here it tends to play out as "what a bunch of sheep fuckers in that village just outside town".
House building happens
Said village is now an "estate" within the town/city -- outside of the city of London it is rare for things to be fully enclosed.
Initial animosity continues. "don't go on that estate as it is rough and they don't like outsiders"
Two generations later most people have forgotten about the village being a thing but the animosity has continued in a slightly different form "because it always has". Youth of said village/estate will now likely identify primarily with host town but within it maintain the animosity after a fashion. Playing into this said village will likely have been somewhat resource starved prior to being gobbled up and that will be reflected in quality of any infrastructure and amenities.
Unspecified time later.
The rest of the place gets expensive as you like so "young professionals" start to buy out the "locals" (or buy out their houses when the elderly members kick the bucket) and they end up largely displaced or morphing into them.
"what a bunch of sheep fuckers in that village just outside town"

Minor spanner in the works. As we live in what some "freedom" loving US types would dub a socialist hellhole most schools, parks, libraries and such have mandated funding, as opposed to relying upon rich lazy philanthropists, as well as achieving acceptable results so the resource starved aspect might be somewhat diminished. Equally fewer people want to live in the cities and will move (with their money) to more rural areas and also promote businesses doing all sorts of odd things one might not find so viable financially.
Depending upon the historical approaches to town planning (see also how many places are those you can reasonably walk to within a day, and now what you reasonably need a push bike or car to reach) it can change this. However as most of the UK is several thousand years old there is a limited amount of the stuff you see in the US. Train links are the thing to look to here and will certainly have an impact on the "young professionals" thing, especially if it makes it within range of London.

At a larger scale there can also be things within big cities within a county or in the neighbouring ones. This is probably an even better example of the "because it always has", or as the popular euphemism runs "for complex historical reasons".
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