Is there a program to compress nds files safely for flashcart?

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    I was wondering, is there a program that can safely condense NDS files and still have them playable? I'd like to be able to fit more media on my M3 DS real, and on my boyfriends m3i Zero.

    His zero somehow got broken a few months ago, and now the new 4 gig(the old one was also 4 gig) flashcard is saying that all the files won't fit, so it'd be nice to compress some or all of them.

    Thanks. [​IMG]
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    Trimming is the easiest way to do anything.

    If you want to get more technical there are other options- various groups have compressed binaries at points in time (usually getting a nuke for their trouble).
    Alongside this you have rom ripping, nobody really does it any more but it can have some nice results (some roms are packed together badly- Tetris DS US and Japan versions (Eu filled it up with languages although extra languages are another good target) had lots of space) has some basic guides to it all.
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    Jun 9, 2009
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    Thanks Guys!
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    Sep 25, 2010
    Sorry for bump, but what exactly does trimming done?
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    It shrinks the ROM file size. [​IMG]
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    IIRC - it basically removes all the extra '00' at the end of the game ROM code

    When 'real' game cartridges are made the games code must fit EXACTLY into the onboard memory chip used in the cartridge, so programmers add extra '00' hex codes to the end of the actual game code as space fillers just to fill it up

    One thing to note however - SOME games have problems when trimmed (especially any 'DSi enhanced' games) as I believe those games the DSi actually uses that extra space for 'stuff', & by trimming it you remove that area that the DSi needs
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    Some trimmers cut the extra padding (the blank filled part) that is found at the end of the file. This is the trimmer you want to find.

    There are older trimmers that will remove the wifi portion as well as the extra padding to free up more space. These trimmers were made for flashcarts that didn't have wifi compatibility back in the day. And the largest microSD at the time was 2GB.

    Getting a 8GB or 16GB microSD in the USA is now a cheaper option. 16GB microSDHC will get cheap when the SDXC standard takes over. When that happens, you really don't even need to consider a file trimmer.